cat cast

Veterinary nurse makes colorful, custom casts for animals post-surgery

Up there on the list of "most heart-wrenching things ever" is seeing a pet in a cast. Pets, as good and pure beings, don't deserve to feel any pain or have to go through any suffering.


But alas, animals are no more immune to illness and injury than we are. So all we can do is ease as much as possible any suffering they do have to experience.

Kate Doyle, a veterinary nurse in Perth, Australia, is doing her part for pets and pet owners by creating stunning custom casts for animals who go through surgery.

"I've worked as a vet nurse in Perth for nearly five years now. I've been making these bandages for about two years," Doyle told us. "In most cases these bandages are done for animals with fractures or that just had a cruciate ligament repair."


Doyle explained that these jazzed up casts, while not too different from regular casts, help owners feel better about their pets' situation and earn smiles everywhere they go.

"I make each one totally in my spare time and keep a folder of them at work ready to use," Doyle said. She spends anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours creating them, and sometimes shares them to Instagram.

If you ever have a pet who needs to undergo a medical procedure, Doyle has some great tips for how to make them feel as comfortable as possible afterwards.


"Keep them somewhere comfy and warm with their favourite blanket or bed," Doyle suggested, adding that animals tend to struggle to regulate their body temperature after operations. She recommends placing a hot water bottle next to them or dressing them in warm clothing.

Most importantly, of course, is letting your pet get tons of rest and sleep. Placing your pet in an area of your home with minimal foot traffic will cut down on disruptions.

"Don't force them to eat," Doyle advised. "They will eat when they are ready."

And finally, don't forget to show your pet lots of love. While you may not be able to design amazing casts, you can be easily there for your furry family members and that's something they will appreciate forever.